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Christian Harbor Church Youth Camp

Camp Harbor, 3195 State Rte. 430 Mansfield, Ohio 44906



Christian Harbor Church:

Camp Harbor Youth Camp 2018



Greetings: Pastors, Youth Leaders, Campers and Helpers!


We are tremendously excited to once again announce our annual Youth Camp 2018. 

We are looking forward to playing and worshipping with you and your Youth Group.  

We have many anointed ministers coming, and we are expecting a great move of God

once again.


 Camp will kick off this year with registration beginning at

 8:00 am on

Monday, June 18th, at Camp Harbor in Mansfield, Ohio.

Breakfast will be served at 9:00 am. 

 Our first service will start at 7:00pm.

We will be staying the whole week with camp ending at

 10:00 am on Saturday June 23rd.

 Our services will start nightly at 7:00pm.


 Please note that Camp T-shirts are included in the price.


We will be selling shirts at Camp but no size can be guaranteed without pre-ordering.

Camp fees:

Campers 5 and up: $125 week or $25 per day

Campers 4 and under are FREE   


Adults staying on grounds for more than church services are $80 for week or $16

 Per day.  Shirts are not included in this price.  You may order them on your

Registration form.

-There is no charge for anyone coming only for the services.   

This packet contains all the information needed. If you have any questions,

 Feel free to call me at 330-927-3286.


Thank you,

                                                                        Pastor John Boggs














 Important Information:


*There will be no laundry available at Camp, so you will need to pack plenty of clothes

 for the week. For this reason, we will not be wearing our Camp shirts all week as we

 have in the past.


*We have a Camp store; with all kinds of yummy treats, so bring extra money!


*There will be water games, so plan on that when packing clothes.

We want to be sure every child has enough dry clothes.

We always invite the adults to play too!


*Church services are held in the evening. The evening service is split up in two groups for   age-specific ministry. We will have various speakers, drama performances; games and more in each service.


*Age 7 and under must be accompanied by parent, or a responsible adult designated

specifically for their care by their parent, at all times. Ages 8 and older may stay without a parent.


*Full payment will be received at registration, or payment can be made in advance

 to the church. There will be absolutely no refunds for any reason.


Please take the time to fill out the registration forms and return them ASAP so we can be as prepared as possible with food; however walk-ins are always welcome.


 Please note that we can no longer allow kids to attend without paying or

with discounts. 


Mark your calendar and plan to attend – Camp is an AWESOME time! Hope to see you there!



















Christian Harbor Church Youth Camp 2017 ……  June 19-24

Camp Harbor  3195 State Rte. 430 Mansfield, Ohio 44906



-Bathing Suit / Swimming Trunks. Girls please

 wear one-piece suit and T-shirts. You will need

 towels for swimming and for your showers.

 Life jackets & folates if you want!

-Bible !!

-Sun Screen, and if you need it, Sunburn Cream

 or Aloe Vera.

-Money for Camp Store

-Plenty of clothes for all week, and for wet or

 messy activities.

-Shorts must be at least fingertip length.

-NO halter tops, spaghetti strap shirts, tank tops,

 muscle shirts, or strapless tops or dresses.

-NO clothing with vulgar or questionable sayings

 or pictures, and please no skulls.

-Shoes will be worn at all times.

-NO alcohol, tobacco, or weapons of any kind

 permitted on Camp grounds. Please no pocket


-Sheets, pillows, and blankets or Sleeping bags. 

 Bring your PJ’s!

-You may want to bring air mattresses and/or

 sleeping bags

-Toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant (AMEN!), soap,

 shampoo, hair brush, and whatever other toiletries

 you need.

-Towels   -Beach Towels and Bath Towels

-Insect repellent

-Flashlight if you want.


Christian Harbor Church Youth Camp and Camp Harbor will not be responsible for

 ANY lost, stolen, or left behind property.   





Christian Harbor Church Youth Camp 2017 ……  June 19-24 

Camp Harbor, 3195 State Rte. 430 Mansfield, Ohio 44906


Release of Liability/Church Activity    


As the parent or guardian of _________________________, a minor child, I do hereby

release Christian Harbor Church, Inc., Camp Harbor and its land- owners, and any and all

workers from any and all claims of liabilities for injuries of any kind occurring while going to,

coming from, or during the minor’s trip with camp-approved personnel, and during the minor’s

involvement with the camp.


I authorize Christian Harbor Church and Camp Harbor, the bearer of this consent form, to

obtain such medical care for the said minor, whether emergency care or otherwise, as bearer

deems necessary. I present to Christian Harbor Church, Inc. and Camp Harbor and all

providers of medical care that said minor has the following

 Known Allergies and Important Medical Conditions:





My child sleep walks.  yes   or   no


I also understand that without my signed approval, my child will NOT be given ANY type of

medication by Camp Staff. I hereby give my permission to the camp staff to give my child

the following medications:


Please Note: In cases of Minor emergencies parents will be notified and will need to come

ASAP to take the child for medical attention.  If this will not be possible please provide

enough contact information for us to get the medical attention needed. 

In cases of Major emergencies an ambulance will be called.


The nearest hospitals are: Triumph Hospital Of Mansfield, Mercy Hospital of Willard ,

Nationwide Children’s Hospital  If possible, I prefer that my child be taken to

________________________ if the need arises; however, I understand that emergency

medical personnel may take them to the best applicable facility.

The above consent is effective June 19-24, 2017.


Signature of Parent or Guardian                                    Date


__________________________                            ______________


Emergency contact information:




Christian Harbor Church Youth Camp 2017 ……  June 19-24 

Camp Harbor, 3195 State Rte. 430 Mansfield, Ohio 44906

Christian Harbor Church

Camp Harbor Registration


Name __________________________________________


Age by June 19th  _______________


Phone # _________________________________________


Total amount due $________________



Signature of Parent or Guardian                           Date 


 ___________________________                   ______ 


Please circle desired size


Shirt size- Children’s Sizes:    2t-4t,       6-8,     

      10-12,         14-16



Adult Sizes:        S       M      L       XL        2XL     

    3XL         4XL           5XL



Please note: To guarantee that you get your

desired size please turn in your paperwork ASAP.


Christian Harbor Church Youth Camp 2017 ……  June 19-24  

Camp Harbor, 3195 State Rte. 430 Mansfield, Ohio 44906



We sincerely appreciate your help as part of the CHC

Camp Harbor staff. When you serve as Staff at Camp

Harbor, you directly help to make lasting impressions

for Christ in the lives of many young people. Many of

them never get to go to church any other time. Your smile,

kind words, help, patience, and your reassuring presence

will help them to be at ease in an atmosphere where God

can really minister to them, and your example may well

cause someone to come to the Lord. What you are doing

is a great thing in God’s eyes!


To keep things flowing smoothly and fairly, we have a

Chain of Command at Camp that we must follow:

1.  Camp Director – Pastor John

2.  Camp Co-Director – Pastor Debbie

3.  Pastor April & Alan Bostick, Pastors Chris & Jeni Hunt

4.  Assistants

5.  Helpers

6.  Other adults











Christian Harbor Church Youth Camp 2017 ……  June 19-24

Camp Harbor, 3195 State Rte. 430 Mansfield, Ohio 44906

Please note: If a child becomes disruptive or unruly, is out of

area, etc., please kindly remind them of the rules and steer

them back to where they need to be. If they will not comply,

tell their Counselor what is going on. More serious offenses

may be directed to the Camp Director or Camp Co- Director.



be sat down, or kept out of an activity or game, if necessary.

If bad behavior persists, the Camp Director has the authority

to send someone home.


We want Camp to be fun and enjoyable for everyone. We are

doing this for the kids, and for JESUS! Please use your best

judgment when correcting a camper. Be firm, be gentle, and

do all things in LOVE. Thank you so much!

Please fill out a registration form so that we know how many

adults we will need food for.
























Christian Harbor Church Youth Camp 2017 ……  June 19-24  

Camp Harbor, 3195 State Rte. 430 Mansfield, Ohio 44906




Name ________________________________


Days & Times _________________________


Areas you would like to work in:


Please understand you may be asked to work elsewhere if needed.






Signature                                   Date



 _____________________________________                             __________________



Please circle your desired size



Adult Sizes:        S       M      L       XL        2XL    

     3XL         4XL           5XL



Please note: To guarantee that you get your

desired size please turn in your paperwork ASAP.



Christian Harbor Church Youth Camp 2017 ……  June 19-24 

Camp Harbor, 3195 State Rte. 430 Mansfield, Ohio 44906


Camp Harbor Info:

Address: 3195 State Rte. 430

Mansfield, Ohio 44906


Cell Phone Numbers:  Pastor John Boggs 330-464-6917

                                    Pastor Debbie Boggs 330-464- 6916

                                    Pastor Chris Hunt 330-749-2772

                                    Pastor Jeni Hunt 330- 749-2776               

                                    Pastor April Henderson 330-466-7859



Local Hospital Info:


Triumph Hospital Of Mansfield

Stars 335 Glessner Ave Mansfield, OH 44903

(419) 526-0777


Mercy Hospital of Willard

Stars 341 Cline Ave Mansfield, OH 44907

(419) 521-5130


Nationwide Childrens Hospital

1204 Park Ave W Mansfield, OH 44906

(419) 528-3235














Christian Harbor Church Youth Camp 2017 ……  June 19-24

Camp Harbor, 3195 State Rte. 430 Mansfield, Ohio 44906